Long Hair Don’t Care: Hairy Envy, the little green monster in the Natural Hair Community

10847924_499610003514376_1668593307591846534_nHair Envy,

It varies, depending who you are talking to, but a lot of natural women experience hair envy. With different YouTube channels, product advertising, and thousands upon thousands of women with long luxurious curls, it is hard to get happy about the small amount of growth of your TWA. Especially, in the black community.

With our kinky coil curls and the disdain for shrinkage, Black Women tend to lust over the length of hair versus the healthy of hair. I have personally gone back and forth regarding how I feel about my hair. I have explained it before. But the question I have is this, why do women strive for length in their hair journeys. My answer: Systemically, long hair = femininity.

Deviating from solely black women, cross-culturally,  all women and men are taught that a woman with long hair is a beautiful woman. We then equate short hair with masculinity and disregard that to have long hair, one must also have short hair. And rather than embracing this stage of our hair journey we get frustrated, annoyed, and uncomfortable with the hair on our head. Searching for length, we add weaves, clip-ins, perms, hair straighteners anything we can find for our hair to look longer.

We also fail to realize that hair growth and retention are two different things and vary by the individual. Everyone cannot achieve 6 inches of hair growth a year. And for those that can, many fail to retain (hold on to) their hair length due to breakage. Whether it is self-inflicted breakage, due to weather, cotton scarves, etc.

I for one had a hefty case of hair envy and then decided to embrace my unique natural hair make-up. No one has my hair but me. But what do you think. Why do women covet long hair? Sound off below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.




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