Why I gave up on my Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel

Yes, my journey with my huge tub of Eco Styler gel has come to an excruciating but much needed end.



After years of trying to style my hair with the Olive Oil Styling Gel, I have finally thrown in the towel. I surrender. My hair does not like this product. I started using this gel as it became the holy grail gel for all types of naturals (including 4C naturals). I, however, can not do it.

Part of the reason I failed so many times in the past, I was transitioning and my unhealthy” hair would mat up when I would use Eco. As I start to trim the hair off, it seemed that the product would work better. Over time, the more “bad” hair I would lose, the better the gel worked in my hair. But of course, that was the day of putting the gel in my hair.

A day later, my hair was EXTREMELY DRY and the product would flake. It was literally snowing in my scalp.



I really tried to make the product work for my head and it never did. I tried the hydration method to prevent the dry scalp and hair. NOPE. Any method, wash routine, application routine, etc. it would not work. So I have finally grown up, got a revelation, have broken up with Eco, and moved on.

Part of the natural journey is finding out what works for your hair. If it don’t work, find something that will.  The silver lining is that I can now actually try to make flaxseed gel.


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