My Scalp is an Itchy Mess: Protecting your Scalp while Protective Styling

I used to scratch my scalp like I was digging a hole in my head. It was bad; especially when I was wearing protective styling. What I didn’t know, excessive scratching can lead to a more problematic scalp. Scratching causes: flaking and hair loss. Yes, you an scratch your hair so much that hair refuses to grow there. There are a variety of reasons why you scalp itches: it is dry, it is dirty, you are having a reaction to the hair that you are using, etc.


Great news, there are solutions. When I am wearing my Marley Twists or any protective style, I suffer from two thing: dry scalp and dirt which typically derives from LAZINESS. I have a lax hair routine when I am wearing a protective style. I have been getting better. I actually came up with processes to tackle my itchy scalp problems:


There is really only one solution to this. Moisture. So, I preform the LOC method to my scalp:

Going into my arsenal of spray bottles, I take my my aloe vera juice mix (10 drops of peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oil along with aloe vera juice)  and spray my scalp. Since my hair is already sectioned in twists, this is easy to do. Your scalp should not be dripping.


Next I take my hair oil mix (updated oil mixture soon to come) and use an applicator bottle to apply directly. I use my fingertips to massage the oil in.

Last, I use Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening treatment to seal it all in. The treatment helps my hair from breaking while wearing twists. I do this weekly and it stops all the itch.


Hiking, Running, and Lifting oh my. I am a very active individual and my hair accumulates dirt and its natural oils rather quickly. Again, returning to my arsenal of spray bottles, I cleanse my scalp:

I put my Marley Twists in a loose bun to keep the hair out of the way. I gave up on washing my twists or braids in the shower. It is heavy and it takes for ever to dry. This method, targets the scalp and my hair within the twists only. No heaviness and it dries quicker.

In a  different spray bottle, I have liquid black soap (by Coastal Scents) and water (I decided to stop using shampoo on my hair entirely and this product is phenomenal). I spray directly on the scalp and then using my finger tips rub the soap throughout my hair.


Once I am all clean, I fill a mason jar with water, bend over the sink, and pour the water directly on my scalp. I do that 2-3 times to make sure all the soap is out. I then pat my scalp dry with an old T-shirt and perform the LOC method to seal it all in.

This method is adaptable so find something that works for you. A clean and moisturized scalp is a happy hair growing scalp.


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