You changed your hair….again!


I am THAT naturalista.


I get bored easily. Bottom line. You know, I am that girl that can’t make up her mind how she wants her hair to look. One week, I am rocking my fro. The next two-four weeks, I have in braids. Then I am back to the fro. Then I am vibin with  twists. Then I see all my natural sisters SLAYING their hair….and then once again, I am back to the fro.


More so now than ever, I am having a very difficult time keeping a hair style for too long. Which, I do not think is a problem, but just something I noticed while looking at Instagram time stamps for my Storm Inspired Look.  I was curious to see how long I have been wearing braids. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the Gram and I have only had them for two weeks. It feels like TWO YEARS! I am burning to take my hair down and since my Boyfriend will be visiting his best friend this weekend, I am going for it on Friday.

But why am I so impatient when it comes to my protective styling?

I guess it all started a while ago….

Before, I would get my hair done by other people. I would cling to my weaves and braids for eons before I had to let it go (Frozen singing voice). The reason why I would not take these styles down is that I didn’t know when I could afford (it wasn’t cheap) to get them done again. Also, I am EXTREMELY selective of who can do my hair. I had one bad experience to let me know, all “cousins” (I have play cousins) can’t do hair. Had me lookin like boo boo the fool. So when I got it done right, I held on to the weaves were hangin’ and the braids were dreadin’.

Fast-forward to several years and an abundant amount of YouTube videos later and I can french braid my own hair, sew-in my own weave, make my own wig, and braid/twists on my own. I have opted out of wearing weaves for good, but you get my point. Now that I can do it myself, I have lost my motivation to hold on to styles.



I mean, my hair is too versatile! I have to keep pushing the envelope to satisfy my boredom. ! I am also super excited that I have learned how to protect and care for my own hair. I guess changing my hair so consistently challenges me to try new styles and hold on to my favorites. With school approaching so quickly, I know I am going to have to keep styles in for longer periods of time. Or, I can teach myself to work with Marley hair to make weekly Faux looks…..hmmmmmmmm


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