Working out and Natural Hair

Hey y’all, I took my braids out last weekend washed and deep conditioned my hair. Afterwards, I set it in cornrows to let my hair dry and style. Sunday, my braid out was on fleek and my selfie game was strong. By Monday night, my hair was back in cornrows and under a wig. Why? I am training for a 5k and do not know how to manage my natural hair.

I know I know. I should be able to. However, I just do not have the know how. My hair is not long enough to slick back into a bun or ponytail. When I leave it out, the sweat destroys any hairstyle I have without mercy. I am left with one option, protective styling. I didn’t feel like re-braiding my hair, so I took the wig route.

So I am asking you, what do you do with your hair when it is time to workout or train?

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One thought on “Working out and Natural Hair

  1. TheGirl says:

    Right, braids would be the way to go when working out, or I twist my hair into knots, the bantu knots. Those stay during my work out, and afterwards, I can untwist them and wear it out.


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