A Stagnant Journey

My last post was in July.


But I have a reason.

My hair journey has been significantly stagnant.


My hair is currently in 22 inch Marley twists and before that I taught myself how to braid my own hair (yeah for small accomplishments). In between those styles I was wearing natural looking wigs…bottom line is: I have been wearing protective styles for months. Which means there has been nothing to report. My hair is in long term styling and growing a lot since my last trim.

So I am doing something different. I miss my hair and I have mastered the art of making my own products, creating my own wigs, putting in long term styles. Now, I am going to try “new” products and very different protective style than what I am used to.

Natural Hair Clip – Ins!!!!!!

I have worn weaves in the past but never have I tried clip-ins (I am scared that they are going to fall out). But, after some super encouragement from my best friend, I am going to give the style a try. Plus, it will allow me to wear my hair out a lot more! I ordered two sets of  Brazilian Human Hair Afro Kinky Curly Clip-Ins (click to go directly to the website) from Luffy Hairproducts on AliExpress.

There are 7 pieces in each set and one set is 14 inch and the other 22. My hair is not 14 inch long, but I wanted to give my hair a layered look and they will blend well. I did a lot of research before I chose my clip-ins and the hair type will match my hair as close as possible. Also, Luffy Hair has high ratings on AliExpress and pictures of customers wearing their product.

I am always excited to try different styles. I have perm rods that I have never used and bendable curling rods as well. And this will allow me to try new products.

My first new product that I am trying is LottaBody Curly and Style Milk.


@heycurlie raves about the stuff and we have similar hair types and I think it will work beautifully with styling my hair and the clips.

So, this is a new moment in my journey. My hair arrives tomorrow (shipping was super fast) and I will be doing the install tomorrow night. I’m a month into school so I am expecting to keep my hair in the clips for the rest of the school year.

Yeah for a new step in the journey!


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