Why I love being a Blogger…


I love being a blogger. I just finished my homework for health class and was completing my face washing routine when I noticed something. My routine developed from my hair journey and this blog.  I began to ponder how much my natural hair had impacted my life. One of the most noticeable things is my physical well-being.

For Example: my daily  face routine consists of two oils I typically use in my hair: rosehip and argan which I added to my face routine after an extensive amount of research. I wash with peppermint soap (I use peppermint essential oil in my hair), use Rosewater Toner, then I put a few drops of vitamin C extract followed by a few drops of rosehip, and then argan to top it all of.  Sounds like a lot of work, but I promise you it takes less than 10 minutes. My face looks like it is glistening when I go to bed but when I wake up, my face has absorbed all the nutrients and my skin is soft to the touch. I have also noticed that my acne scars are fading and my skin is consistently radiant.

Here are some of the highlights from this year alone:

Trying different products helped me learn how to grow healthy and beautiful hair, maintain an excellent facial routine, and take care of the rest of my body. We know coconut oil is the elixir of life and it has helped me maintain healthy skin, nails, and hair.

I buy imported black soap from Coastal Scents for showering and it cleanses better than anything I have ever used in my entire life.  I grew up on Dove but decided to give it a try. I fell in love and I even use it to cleanse my scalp monthly and I love it more than shampoo.

I am also trying Yoni Oil (gotta take care of the goods) for the first time by Goddess Body (which I will review). I am athletic and I want to make sure “she” is taken care of. I know talking about your girl is a touchy subject, but I am making sure all parts of me are looked out for.

I did the Fit Girl’s Guide (lost 25lbs). And I became a Vegetarian and an avid cook. With a little help from my bestfriend, of course.

I am wearing natural hair clip-ins for the first time in life (I know I owe y’all an initial review, please bare with me). And I am learning that my hair is growing better than when I wear Marley Twists.

I learned how to do make-up for my skin type and perfect that cat eye. I do not wear make-up all the time. Actually 90% of the time I don’t cause I don’t need it. But when I want to do something extra, I want it to be flawless.

Bottom line, I fell in love with me and invested in me.

That is the best part. This journey has been eye-opening to learn and understand what goes into taking care of yourself. It has also helped me step out of the box and be open to new products and care routines.  Take the time to learn what your body does or does not like. Have ailments? Fix them. Love something about yourself? Embrace it and enhance it.

You only have one body, take care of it.


A Stagnant Journey

My last post was in July.


But I have a reason.

My hair journey has been significantly stagnant.


My hair is currently in 22 inch Marley twists and before that I taught myself how to braid my own hair (yeah for small accomplishments). In between those styles I was wearing natural looking wigs…bottom line is: I have been wearing protective styles for months. Which means there has been nothing to report. My hair is in long term styling and growing a lot since my last trim.

So I am doing something different. I miss my hair and I have mastered the art of making my own products, creating my own wigs, putting in long term styles. Now, I am going to try “new” products and very different protective style than what I am used to.

Natural Hair Clip – Ins!!!!!!

I have worn weaves in the past but never have I tried clip-ins (I am scared that they are going to fall out). But, after some super encouragement from my best friend, I am going to give the style a try. Plus, it will allow me to wear my hair out a lot more! I ordered two sets of  Brazilian Human Hair Afro Kinky Curly Clip-Ins (click to go directly to the website) from Luffy Hairproducts on AliExpress.

There are 7 pieces in each set and one set is 14 inch and the other 22. My hair is not 14 inch long, but I wanted to give my hair a layered look and they will blend well. I did a lot of research before I chose my clip-ins and the hair type will match my hair as close as possible. Also, Luffy Hair has high ratings on AliExpress and pictures of customers wearing their product.

I am always excited to try different styles. I have perm rods that I have never used and bendable curling rods as well. And this will allow me to try new products.

My first new product that I am trying is LottaBody Curly and Style Milk.


@heycurlie raves about the stuff and we have similar hair types and I think it will work beautifully with styling my hair and the clips.

So, this is a new moment in my journey. My hair arrives tomorrow (shipping was super fast) and I will be doing the install tomorrow night. I’m a month into school so I am expecting to keep my hair in the clips for the rest of the school year.

Yeah for a new step in the journey!

Working out and Natural Hair

Hey y’all, I took my braids out last weekend washed and deep conditioned my hair. Afterwards, I set it in cornrows to let my hair dry and style. Sunday, my braid out was on fleek and my selfie game was strong. By Monday night, my hair was back in cornrows and under a wig. Why? I am training for a 5k and do not know how to manage my natural hair.

I know I know. I should be able to. However, I just do not have the know how. My hair is not long enough to slick back into a bun or ponytail. When I leave it out, the sweat destroys any hairstyle I have without mercy. I am left with one option, protective styling. I didn’t feel like re-braiding my hair, so I took the wig route.

So I am asking you, what do you do with your hair when it is time to workout or train?

Comment, Tweet, or post on Facebook.

You changed your hair….again!


I am THAT naturalista.


I get bored easily. Bottom line. You know, I am that girl that can’t make up her mind how she wants her hair to look. One week, I am rocking my fro. The next two-four weeks, I have in braids. Then I am back to the fro. Then I am vibin with  twists. Then I see all my natural sisters SLAYING their hair….and then once again, I am back to the fro.


More so now than ever, I am having a very difficult time keeping a hair style for too long. Which, I do not think is a problem, but just something I noticed while looking at Instagram time stamps for my Storm Inspired Look.  I was curious to see how long I have been wearing braids. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the Gram and I have only had them for two weeks. It feels like TWO YEARS! I am burning to take my hair down and since my Boyfriend will be visiting his best friend this weekend, I am going for it on Friday.

But why am I so impatient when it comes to my protective styling?

I guess it all started a while ago….

Before, I would get my hair done by other people. I would cling to my weaves and braids for eons before I had to let it go (Frozen singing voice). The reason why I would not take these styles down is that I didn’t know when I could afford (it wasn’t cheap) to get them done again. Also, I am EXTREMELY selective of who can do my hair. I had one bad experience to let me know, all “cousins” (I have play cousins) can’t do hair. Had me lookin like boo boo the fool. So when I got it done right, I held on to the weaves were hangin’ and the braids were dreadin’.

Fast-forward to several years and an abundant amount of YouTube videos later and I can french braid my own hair, sew-in my own weave, make my own wig, and braid/twists on my own. I have opted out of wearing weaves for good, but you get my point. Now that I can do it myself, I have lost my motivation to hold on to styles.



I mean, my hair is too versatile! I have to keep pushing the envelope to satisfy my boredom. ! I am also super excited that I have learned how to protect and care for my own hair. I guess changing my hair so consistently challenges me to try new styles and hold on to my favorites. With school approaching so quickly, I know I am going to have to keep styles in for longer periods of time. Or, I can teach myself to work with Marley hair to make weekly Faux looks…..hmmmmmmmm

Corporate America and Natural Hair

“LOL, I would have gone all silver…but you know, Corporate America.”

That is the tweet I sent to the homie. He had just read my article on my silver|black hair transformation to look like Storm from X-Men. I really wanted to go all silver with my protective style this Summer, but I knew that if I did, I may have ended up submitting more job applications sooner than I expected. But…why? Why does something as insignificant as hair type or hair color…can be to your detriment.


I remember my very first “big girl” job coming out of college. I had gotten the job before deciding to return natural. I had been there a year, before the journey begun and my job was the biggest push back to me making that decision. Being in Reception, they always tell you, “you are the face of the company. How you represent us up here is a reflection of the entire office.” Yeah…no pressure.

When I decided to remove the 22-24-26 attached to my scalp, I was terrified. My boyfriend was beyond accepting, I mean he is the one that encouraged me to do it. My parents adored it. My sisters were inspired by it. But I knew my paycheck would suffer for it. I was terrified, cause I was the only me like me. I was the only African-American woman in that office. I like to change my hair and when I did, I was a commodity. I wasn’t entirely sure that this move would be as accepting and to some degree I was right.

“It’s different?” “Does it just stay like that?” “Sooooooo it grows up and not down like mine?” Question after question arose on Monday when I returned to the office. Some people were really good about hiding their disapproval. Others, not so much. As people were in and out of the office for the week, it took 2 weeks for the gawking to stop before I could return to normality.  Any time after that dramatic change, it seemed that I always went through something. It literally got to the point were some of my coworkers seemed frustrated by the consistent hair changes. Why is hair in the workplace such a big deal?

I could never identify a real reason why hair does make such a big difference. What I did learn, that it is consistent. In my current position, I feel as if I have the same issues, but it’s 10 times worse since the age gap here is a little more drastic. The questions and gawking are no less annoying but I am determined to do what I want with my hair. Within reason of course. We have not necessarily progressed enough in the work place for me to have all silver hair. But when that day comes, it will be awesome!