What is the 28 Day Jumpstart?


At first glance, I believed this would be one of those hyped up Instagram Challenges. However, I was introduced to the guide via my best-friend. Aside from myself, I do not know anyone else that loves to do research as much as this woman. So during one of our 2-hour phone calls, she talks about the chaxllenge, the e-book, and the guidelines. She was hyped. I too had been looking for some way to kick start my fitness goals this year. I dropped 75lbs in 2014 and I wanted to drop another 60lbs this year.


It seems like a lot but think of it this way: 12 months x 5lbs a month = 60lbs in 1 year. 5lbs a month is nothing; so I decided to tag along for the ride. The #FitGirlsGuide is a 120pg+ e-book ($29.99) that takes an in-depth look at fitness, dietary needs, and health for women. It is a 28 day challenge and the program lasts for 4 weeks that started today, January 5th. The purpose is to help women change the way the engage food and fitness so that it is fun, engaging, healthy, and still tastes delicious. I personally love to eat and I have always been weary of dieting or eating food that does not taste great. How am I going to stay motivated, if I never look forward to eating? It includes weekly meal plans, recipes, weekly grocery lists, and a workout calendar + exercises for the 28 day period.



There is a lot of reading to do before they get into all of that. The book starts off with tons of information on setting goals, sleep, the negative affects of weigh-ins, muscle vs. fat, tracking your progress, and different types of body shapes. A LOT OF INFORMATION. They also change the perception of rewarding. I found this very interesting. You know rewarding: “I am doing really well this week. I think I deserve a 1000-calorie burger, fries, and shake today as my cheat meal.” That type of rewarding. Instead there are different rewards that you can try for each week. I won’t give away all the secrets but I’m always down for a Manicure. Next, they dive into eating and drinking (not just alcohol) and how food/beverages affect our bodies:  no topic is left uncovered but eating principles, a clean food chart, portions, salt, and emotional eating are a few to highlight. Their view about health and weight loss: 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. The book is also crafted that way as well. Food, meal prep, and introductory information are about 80% of the book.


The next section is devoted to exercising. In this section they discuss exercising principles, burning more calories than you eat, and include a 28 day exercise calendar. There are 6 days of exercise and 1 day of rest. Each day consists of 30 minutes of exercise a day and isolated workouts per day. For example: today is Day 1 and it is Arm day: Warm-up (outlined in the book), Strength Circuit: 5 push ups, 20s Plank, 10 Mt. Climber, 8 tricep dip, (x 3), Cardio for the remainder of the workout time, and stretch. Thus concludes your Day 1 exercise. It is all DIY-at home body resistance training. No Gym membership required. And if you are not familiar with some of the moves, they have an in-depth look at each (like the one below).



Lastly, the meal plans. These very simple recipes are designed for you to intake about 1,450 calories a day. This is not concrete for all; depending on your health needs you have to adjust accordingly so that you are not starving yourself. This is the section that includes the menus (like the one below), how to prep, and weekly grocery lists. If you are a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free they teach you how to substitute for your dietary needs.


After reading the book, doing the grocery shopping, prepping breakfast, and eating my first week 1 meal I have got to say, I am extremely excited for the rest of the challenge. Breakfast was so good. I was mainly concerned about time constraints since my schedule is very hectic. However, after accomplishing so much thus far, I am at ease. There is a lot of information but everything is drastically simple and easy to do. I will post weekly updates of my #28DayChallenge. I will also do a separate conclusive post regarding my experience in its entirety.

#FitGirlGuideMovement | http://fitgirlsguide.com/



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