Week #3 | Week #4 Review


I know I am a week late for my review of week #3, I was on vacation last week in South Lake Tahoe for my anniversary. So I am going to combine week #3 and week #4

 Week #3

Week #3 was all about lunches. I worked at a company that provided lunches to their employees daily. It was my job to build each and every menu for the week. Instead of making Fit Girl’s Lunches, I would just adapt what was given to us to the rules of the guide. Some days, I was successful and other days not so much. I mean, the only fit girl’s guide to pizza……is to make it from scratch.

On  Sunday night, I made lunches for 3 days and on Wednesday night I made lunches for 3 days. I will say, it was slightly difficult preparing the lunches for the week, specifically on Wednesday. I am a full-time student as well as employee. So I had to find the time to cook the meals. But it was well worth it. A small thing I also noticed, me decision to bring my own lunch was also a little off-putting to my coworkers. I provided lunches and yet would not eat what was given at work.

I was proud of myself for figuring that out but the highlight of Week #3 was when I was on vacation. MY BOYFRIEND ATE THE MEALS! Most of the fit girl’s meals are vegetarian and he is a vegetarian. But for whatever reason, he would not eat anything from the book. So I appealed to him on our vacation. I changed up the menu for vacation and he enjoyed every single meal. I took the pizza recipe and created a fit girls’s breakfast pizza, created Vegetarian sliders for lunch, and topped off dinner with Yam Lasagna (pumpkin is out of season). He loved everything. So now when he comes over, I can cook for him out of the book and don’t have to fight about it.

Week #4

We are almost done! I can’t believe that the challenge is basically over. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Fit Girl’s 28 Day Challenge. So much so, that I will be doing a round 2. But before I go into my final thoughts on the challenge, let me tell you how Week #4 went.

I started a new position on Tuesday and the only reason why that is significant, it is closer to home and I have more time to focus on prepping and cooking ALL of my meals. Weeks 1-3 I could never complete a full day of meals unless it was the weekend. My commute, work, and schooling took up all of my time. Now that I work much closer to home, I ate every single Fit Girl’s Meal this week.


Everything was pretty much amazing. However, I did make some substitutions that suited me a lot better. For example: sun dried tomatoes in any meal. I substituted with cheery tomatoes; sun-dried tomatoes are normally swimming in oil and the oil did not sit well with me, so I changed.  Everything tasted so much better after that. I created two different build-a-bowls this week and they were both delicious. I only created the “Fitberry Shortcake” by the recipe once and then also had to substitute. Cause it was awful; it looked pretty but tasted pretty disgusting. I substituted Greek yogurt instead of using ricotta cheese.

One of the biggest things I took away from this challenge, make it your own. If you do not like something, substitute…..within the Fit Girl’s Guidelines of course. Like I said previously, I loved this challenge. The one thing I regretted, not having the time to complete the workouts and really monitoring my progress. There have been some really obvious physical changes to my body: My face is slimmer, my waist is slimmer, my legs are slimmer…..basically everything is slimmer. My palette has also changed. I can literally taste the “bad things” in food I didn’t cook. Grease and oil make my stomach upset. Anything with high fat content, makes me sick. I can honestly say, I am different.

During the 2nd round (starting Feb 9th), I want to utilize the workout’s as well as the meal plans, take before and after pictures, and purchase a scale. I also want to go all Vegetarian for Round 2. My boyfriend is a Vegetarian and when we eat together, I eat vegetarian (I HATE COOKING SEPARATE MEALS). So I figured, why not go straight veggie my 2nd time around. My bestie (who introduced me to the challenge) is also doing the challenge. After round 2, I will move on to the Fitkini Challenge (an intermediate challenge) for ladies who have completed the #28DayChallenge or have been already exercising on a regular basis.

During the week of February 2nd, I will playing around with a few of the recipes while we wait for Round 2. It gives me the opportunity to try new ways of cooking some of my favorite meals to bring into the next #28DayChallenge.

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