Week #1 is complete.

Well partial, I ended up sick last week so I missed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the challenge. I couldn’t eat. However, I did participate the rest of the week. I found the meals to be beyond doable. Keyword: simplicity. Everything is fairly quick to make and easy to do. Also, it all tastes AMAZING. One of my biggest pet peeves against programs like this, the food taste horrendous. Absolutely terrible. Again, the #FitGirlsChallenge blew my mind completely. The food is great.

Week #1 Menu

Breakfast: Cherry Pie Fridge Oats (I made mine with Mango instead)

Lunch: Roasted Veggie Power Bowl

Snack: any 200 calorie snack (I chose Lentil chips: 110 calories)

Dinner: Sweet Potato Street Tacos (odd days), Pita Pizza (even days)

You do not have to follow the menu to the “T”. Added and removed different ingredients to my meals for my liking. I also made the pita pizza way more often than the days allotted. It was the quickest meal of the week.

Also, the workouts are pretty good. It is all about strength and conditioning. When the forms are right, the muscles are tight. I am already noticing so body changes. Things are getting tighter and I am feeling a lot healthier. Doing this with my bestie was an awesome decision. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

So excited for week 2. My healthy “mcmuffin” sandwiches are pretty phenomenal.


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