Week #2 is complete

I thoroughly enjoyed Week #2 and I had to overcome a little trouble during this week. I started school on Monday and I am in night courses. My class schedule: classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday that end between 9:00pm-9:30pm. Clearly, that is too late to eat and the guide discourages eating after 7:00pm. Instead of meal prep, I had to full on cook lunches and  dinners the night before to take to work. I would then re-heat dinner before I departed for work at 5:00pm. This kept me on schedule and I had the opportunity to actually enjoy dinner. This week’s meal plan was fairly simple and that helped alot.

Week #2 Menu

Breakfast: Egg McFitfun

Lunch: Salade Nicoise Redux

Snack: 200 Calorie Snack (I chose Pomegranate chips or fruit)

Dinner: Pumpkin Lasagna Rolls (odd days); Dreamy Polenta (even days)

Week #2 was the week of substitutions. Alright, so the lunch option for this week I completely despised. I told my bestie that I really did try but I completely hated it. So I tried the bonus alternate lunches and they were much much better. Due to the simplicity, I harped on the 5-sec wrap. I loved everything else.

I made the Egg McFitfun by the book for 5 days in a row. This morning, I substituted the egg for a small ground chicken patty (seasoned with Italian seasoning and a dust of garlic powder). I wish I would have done it sooner, cause it was phenomenal. So good. (Side note: the pink water is my detox water. The strawberries in my mix made the water pink)


The lasagna. Pumpkin is out of season so I used sweet potatoes instead. Let’s just say, I could never get enough of the Sweet Potato Lasagna Rolls. I mean, I couldn’t even begin to describe how good that first bite was. Orgasmic would be the closest that could come to the experience. I would tell people about it, and the idea of it was a turn off. It is definitely one of those things you cannot knock until you try it.


Lastly, the polenta. When they say you will dream of the polenta, they are not lying. It was extremely difficult to choose which meal I liked the most. Everything this week (aside for the Redux) was great. And if you need to make something in a hurry the polenta took 10 minutes tops to make. It was amazing. I could not find polenta in the store so I substituted grits and it was still really really really good.

IMAG2866[1]I determined today that I will be participating in this challenge again for the month of February. After a lifetime of horrendous eating habits I know it is going to take longer than 28 days to develop clean eating habits. I snapped my best friend today and we are definitely going for Round 2 and possibly 3. This guide is beyond doable. And I had the ability to adjust everything to my schedule. I also want to take more creative liberty with my meals in round #2

I am going to go get my award for Week #2 today: a new workout outfit. I am also grocery shopping for Week #3. The great thing is that, I still have a lot of the items for week #1 and #2 in my fridge. I will not have to spend a lot of money at the grocery store.

Hurray for getting through week #2 and let’s get it with week 3.


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