What is the Fitkini Challenge?

The Fitkini Body Challenge is the next step up for Fit Girls that have completed the 28 Day Jumpstart challenge at least once. There are more meals and harder exercises in this challenge. I completed the 28 Day Challenge twice (January and February) before I purchased the Fitkini Challenge book. There are some differences in-between the two books (Fitkini is definitely more concise).


There are over 20 new recipes and you have more meals per week. There are grocery lists provided for the meals (just like in the previous challenge). In the 28 Day Challenge, your meal plan was limited to a set breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire week. In the Fitkini Challenge, you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned Monday-Wednesday and a new set of meals Thursday-Sunday. You can also adjust the meals in terms of portion sizes dependent on the calorie intake that you need.


Also, unlike the 28 day challenge, only 2 of the 4 weeks have pre-planned meals. Week 3 & 4, you are on your own. Included in the book are meal planning schedules that you use in order to plan meals for those weeks. You are at liberty to use meals from the 28 Day Challenge (or plan if you do not want to build your own) to build your own plan.There are frugal girl tips for the economically conscious Fit Girl. Basically, how to create the meals without all of the extra stuff.

Now the biggest difference I have noticed personally, the workouts. It is divided into 3 parts like the previous challenge: warm-up, circuits, and stretch. In the 28 Day Challenge, the exercises were slightly difficult. Using your own body to tone is hard. There were only 4 exercises a day + cardio. In the Fitkini Challenge, things have been kicked into high gear!20140804-154122-56482932The first challenge (pictured above)  was an introduction into fitness and toning. The exercises were pretty basic and easy to do. If you work out consistently (like I do) then you had to do multiple circuits of the exercises for them to be effective.

Fitkini takes what you have learned before and makes it tougher. Unlike the previous challenge, it is circuit style, there are levels (beginning top advanced), and you can choose to do a 6 day workout schedule or 3 day workout schedule. 6 day: strength training and cardio every other day & 3 day: strength training and cardio on the same day but only 3 days a week. Pick based on your schedule.


There are some 28 Day challenge exercises incorporated in Fitkini, but you will be learning a lot. There are more repetitions per exercise which is guaranteed to give you a good sweat and workout in. Given the exercises and how difficult they are for me, I chose the 6 days a week routine. This one lower body workout alone had me slumped. I did not want my cardio and toning on the same day.

I love the Fitkini Body Challenge book. I am currently in round #1. I definitely plan on doing the next round in April as well. During round 1, I am working on adjusting to the workouts. The 28 day Jumpstart has made food prep easy. I am excited to see if I drop another 10 lbs this month. In April, I will do a week by week review of the Fitkini Challenge like I did with the 28 Day Jumpstart.



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