About the Author

Hey guys! I am Christina Alexandria aka Naturally4Chic, a 4B/4C natural woman. It took me years just to discover that. I wish I would have known that once I started my natural hair journey; such tiny bits of information would have saved me years of breakage, cutting, and unnecessary products.

I went natural about 3 years ago in 2011. My mother permed my hair when I was 9 and I had permed hair until age 21. I decided that I would go natural in my junior year of college; I transitioned, using weaves as a method. With my hair covered in Indian or Brazilian 22-24-26 inch bundles 362 days out of the year, I did not learn much about my hair. All I knew is that I was a transitioning natural.


AND IT STARTED OFF AS A COMPLETE DISASTER! I big chopped in January 2012 and again in 2013 due to a massive amount of breakage. I followed blogs and vlogs and wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars on products. I had yet to find a regimen that fit my hair type which, up until this year, I had no idea what it was. (4B/4C) Most of the women I followed, had achieved most of their hair goals; they had it all figured out and I was still learning. They made it seem so easy, so natural. And yet, I could not perform the simplest of hair styles or keep my hair from being exceedingly dry.

I almost permed it this year just to get over the exhausting mess that was my hair. I discovered wigs instead. I have been trimming the rest of the dead ends this year in between washes and french braids. However, my boyfriend has encouraged me to wear my natural hair out. He has this ridiculous notion that just because I bought it doesn’t mean it is mine. After getting double teamed (my father also contributed to the conversation) I conceded. After all, covering it up all this time had not helped my growth or retention.


So here I am. 24 and starting a new journey and journal. I am holding myself accountable for my hair. Hopefully, my story encourages others to do the same. When it is all said and done, I am out to slay the natural world with my kinky, curly, goddess hair.



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