The Marley Bun

Within a couple of days the temperature in the Bay Area dropped significantly (it is a good 15 degrees colder). It also started raining the week which is amazing cause we need it. I had been wearing my hair out and trying to come up with protective styles to keep my wigs off. I love my hair free, but it breaks badly in the cold. Covering up or braiding up seemed to be my only option.

Yesterday, I was on Black Girl Long Hair reading articles and trying to find a new hairstyle to go for. I noticed bunning seemed to be the move, but since I am in a TWA/Awkward hair length stage, I did not think I could do it. I then turned to YouTube to get an idea of how long haired naturals bun their hair. I stumbled upon tastePink‘s channel and she had a video for a Faux Marley Bun. Her version of the bun is bolder but the concept is the same when I found other videos demonstrating how to do the Marley Bun.

I went to my neighborhood hair store and purchased a pack of Marley hair, a bristle brush, replenished my gel, and some hair bands. I also purchased straight braiding hair (for a future hair style that I would like to try, but that is for another post). When I finally made it home after my math class I went to work. I spent 10 minutes moisturizing my hair. I use a aloe juice and water mix. Then I coated my hair with my oil mix: Jamaican black castor oil, olive oil, and sweet almond oil. I finger de-tangled to make sure I could pull all of the hair up. Lastly, I put gel from my edges back, brushed lightly, and pulled the hair into a bun. I pinned down what would not fit. Being a 4C natural, it was a WORKOUT but I did it.

I wove the hair around my bun, hiding my hair of course, and pinned the ends down. I took me a couple of tries before I could get my hair to lay like I wanted it. I wrapped my gel hair in satin scarf to sleep in and let the gel dry. And viola!!!



My first successful protective style that is not a wig!!! I love it and plan to keep it this way until wash day. It is really simple and chic. Also, all I have to do is wrap my satin scarf around my hair at night and wake up in the morning. I have boxing tonight, so we will see if it withstands a hard core workout.

If you want to give it a try, simply look it up on YouTube. Or you may click the links provided in the article for tastePink’s Faux Bun regimen.



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